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Below is a sampling of services Chinarut provides.  Many of these are more than what you see at face value.  The hat of a systems thinker equally cares about the process behind all of them.  Be sure to keep this in mind - merci! :)


Chinarut is probably what one might call a closet historian ;)


Documentation highlights:


Share what you're looking to capture and prepare to leave a legacy! :)

Evaluation, Prototyping & QA

Chinarut's massive Internet profile stretches products in ways the original inventor/designer may not have envisioned. This includes products ranging from software to gadgets to food items to experiences such as seminars, workshops, events, and tours. While this often results in breaking intended usage models (and products!), it results in scenarios worth exploring at a corporate or academic level.


He is meticulous and completes a thorough evaluation of sales, marketing, tech support, change tracking, documentation, customization, training, and product integration.  A few prototypes of platforms he has pushed the envelope:


Invite Chinarut to push your product, platform, or experience to the next level.

Program Delivery & Design

Chinarut is an experienced workshop designer, producer, and leader.  His passion for distribution systems brings a commitment to building repeatable programs and training future leaders to the table.


Participating in Dance Labs workshops & programs is a great way to get acquainted with his level of professionalism and the design principles Chinarut has invented and follows.


Request a Dance Labs workshop or drop him a note if you have a workshop you wish to discuss.

Physical and Digital Organization

"As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul." -@DrWayneWDyer


Chinarut is a techie interested in teaching people to clean up their lives, virtualize, and pursue their dreams.  He believes lIfe is his art and technology is his medium.


This is minimalism at the scale of the Internet.  Many of us talk about the virtues of cloud computing & working on the beach - but at what cost?  Chinarut wants to help you create a foundation to allow you to embrace your global community with the rigor of a lean enterprise and live life to its fullest in a way that's balanced and a way that works for everyone (including the Earth!)


So if what you're up to is bridging the gap between your physical and virtual world, share with Chinarut what inspires you most.

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