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explore the Man in the Mirror
Just Chinarut :)

Chinarut is the all-around geek who is a kid at heart.  Over the years, he has learned to be independent and autonomous enabling the wellness of himself and others through a rich set of mindfulness practices.  He is a proud alumni of Carnegie Mellon University.


Overall, you'll find Chinarut to be a very happy, free, and spirited person =)


When Chinarut made a transition from an Enterprise to a freelance consultant in 2001, he never lost his love for the Enterprise!   What inspires him most is the application of Enterprise technologies, experiences, products to the individual.  He believes if each of us take on being the "CEO of your life," it will radically expand what you can accomplish in your lifetime.  By leveraging Enterprise applications and perspectives, you can be of service to your global community in sustainable ways you may not have imagined.


Chinarut's been executing this model for over a decade and reports it's been an exciting journey of discovery (and pitfalls!)  He extends special thanks to Evernote and the Business Model You community for keeping the journey fun. 


The artist in Chinarut is community-driven and values alternative economies and paradigms.  He has a knack for beauty and Dance Labs is the community where his spirit lives.  His whole new mind loves to leverage the engineer in creative and often unconventional ways.

International Liaison

The flip side of globalization (per the enterprising self) is the nomad in Chinarut that loves bridging cultures.  If you experience him as "discontinuous," what often happens is when he stumbles upon a new culture, he often pulls the reins on his "current life" and seemingly steps into a "new life" and begins absorbing the culture thus feeling right at home.  What inevitably shows up is a gap between cultures.  Chinarut makes it his job to forge new partnerships to help people understand the value of filling in the gap creatively as a team.  He recommends The Cultural Creatives to any aspiring international liaison!

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