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Dance Labs Foundation

A community project dear to Chinarut's heart!


As of Nov 2013, our focus is in the area of holistic wellness.  We are looking for partner who has experience buiding a non-profit like an enterprise with no more than 5-10% overhead.  Executive Binder including financials available at request. The following service portfolio was built in service of Dance Labs.


Visual of our development history (2001-2012)

Squid & Squash Foundation​


Some of you may know Chinarut as a Technology Advisor or the Squatter :)


It is great to have a family-run foundation be an inspiration for the community of Los Angeles.


Seeing is Believing!

Asian-American Community​

If you haven't guessed from Chinarut's name, he is proud to be Thai!


He lived in Asia full-time from 2003-2008 strengthening his roots and ability to contribute to Asian-Americans.


In 2011, the Thai Community Development Center (ThaiCDC) launched a wonderful initiative to capture Thai-American stories.


Chinarut's story: Engineer Turned Dancer

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